Mission statement

Orientalismus is an independent non-commercial website specialized in publishing articles mostly on history and religion of Middle East and Africa, though not limited to just that. The website was created on September 15, 2010 but into its current form it was transformed on June 11, 2017 (the image used in the background: Luca Galuzzi, Wikimedia Commons).

The goal is to create a large database of texts focused on topics which so far have been rather neglected in the "Czechosphere". Published material is of pop-science genre and is aimed at students as well as enthusiatists from wider public. Articles are created by searching for texts from specialized websites which meet certain quality standards (in particular non-anonymous author and reliable sources) and their subsequent translation and publication. Relevant Czech literature is used in the process to ensure the quality of the final work. Original copyright-holders gave their permission to have their texts published on Orientalismus.

Orientalismus is strictly not-for-profit project and its maintaining costs next to nothing. For that reason you will find no ads, paid accounts or requests for donations here.

The website serves purely for educational purposes, not for political, religious (proselytic) or activist agitation.