About me

I've been interested in writing and translating since 2007 when I joined the English and Czech Wikipedia as a volunteer contributor. On the latter several of my texts reached the Featured Article status. Some of them are translations, others are my own work, and some are a combination of both. These days I no longer actively participate in the Wikipedia community, but I still edit the encyclopedic content on occasion.

I've founded this website in 2010, because I wanted my very own online sanctuary. I love translating and I also plan publishing my own texts, but I couldn't find the time for that, yet. Apart from English, I can also read basic Arabic, so wherever it's possible I make my own Czech transcriptions of Arabic and Persian names of places or people.

In real life, I:

  • am a government employee,
  • do individual sports,
  • listen to Asian pop,
  • love Quora.com,
  • am a fan of professional StarCraft II scene,
  • play World of Warcraft.

If needed I can be reached by e-mail via e-mail form on the "Contact" subpage.